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Invisalign is the new orthodontic technology that has become the best alternative for traditional braces. Before you start, you have to know how Invisalign works.

Before you receive your Invisalign, you will have a consultation with your dentist to discuss what your goal is, what you expect in your results, and the precise instructions, restrictions, and responsibilities that need when wearing your aligners.


Since you know now how Invisalign works, your treatment will begin by getting a 3D model of your teeth, and your dentist will establish a custom plan for you.

This plan indicates how your teeth need to be aligned and how long it will take to achieve the perfect alignment. You'll also get a preview of how your teeth will gradually shift throughout the treatment process.

This allows you and your dentist to visualize the predicted outcome of your treatment through a 3D simulation and discuss different treatment options you may want to consider.

Your 3D Scan is then directly sent to the main Invisalign office in the U.S. where your custom scan is printed with the latest Invisalign technology.


You will then receive a series of aligners throughout the process, you have to wear each set for about 1-2 weeks, depending on your dentist’s recommendation.
You have to wear the aligners for most of the day and night, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss.

At first, your aligners will feel tight, and you will then feel mild discomfort since your aligners will gently and gradually move your teeth. You will eventually feel your aligners become loose. Once you’ve reached your two-week mark, it is time to visit your dentist and wear the next set of aligners.


Your dentist will check your progress every five to six weeks to determine if there is any need for adjustments for your aligners or your treatment plan.

The average treatment duration would range from 9 months to a year, depending on the dental concerns each patient has. Once your treatment is complete, your dentist will require you to wear a retainer, which will prevent your teeth from moving.

Invisalign offers a more discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces, making it a popular choice for many individuals seeking orthodontic treatment. The ability to remove the aligners when eating, brushing, and flossing promotes optimal oral hygiene and dietary freedom. This treatment's personalized digital planning ensures predictable results, and the smooth clear aligners offer enhanced comfort with reduced risk of irritation. Invisalign's convenience, minimal impact on lifestyle, and fewer required dental visits contribute to a positive experience, ultimately fostering healthier gums, teeth, and a confident smile.

The suitability of Invisalign varies depending on the complexity of your orthodontic issues. Visit our clinic for an initial checkup and consultation now.