Rediscover the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, and smile! Metro Dental clinic provides conventional dental implants that will help you achieve a permanent natural-looking smile. We have a roster of dentists that are experts in restorative dental care. Our dental practitioners can come up with a treatment plan that is made just for you.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are known as replacement tooth roots. These are surgically placed into your jaw to hold and/or attach artificial teeth or bridges. Implants are considered a permanent solution for people who need tooth replacement or those who have missing teeth. This is primarily because implants offer excellent support and stability for other appliances and their overall appearance will last for years to come. For this procedure, most dentists use titanium alloy as it has been considered biocompatible.

This procedure can only be performed by a licensed and certified oral surgeon or periodontist. Implants provide excellent support and stability for these dental appliances and will last for years to come.

Who Can Get Implants?

Anyone who is healthy enough to undergo tooth extraction or oral surgery can be considered for a dental implant procedure. It is necessary that patients have healthy gums and bones to hold the implant. Maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental visits are important for fast healing and successful integration of the implant.

In case you’re considering implants, it is important you consult your dentist first.

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