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  • Full and complete function.

    Getting dentures means virtually having a complete set of teeth, allowing you to enjoy what they’re supposed to be doing—eating, chewing, smiling!

  • Speak and socialize freely.

    Don’t lose that smile and keep getting your voice heard and understand because you have those missing spaces filled in.

  • Reliable and long-lasting companion.

    While they are usually replaced between five to ten years, dentures will constantly serve their purpose to help your mouth function well.

  • Efficient and inexpensive.

    The simplicity and straightforwardness of getting dentures make this a widely available treatment, in turn making this affordable to anyone.

  • Made for you.

    Dentures come in different types; you have the option to get a full or partial set, whichever may suit your needs and comfort.

Dental Implants

Time and effort saving. Implants require less maintenance, giving you more time for other things.

Keep doing your routine. Functioning like normal teeth, this can be maintained and cleaned like how you would your pearly whites, as usual.

Permanent solution. Once the implant is installed, there’s zero risk of dislodges or movement.


Quick and simple. The process of getting dentures doesn’t demand much time and money, making this a convenient fix for achieving a complete set of teeth.

Facial muscle-friendly. Dentures support the facial muscles, retaining a natural appearance and function of the mouth.

Zero invasion. There is no surgery to be performed for this treatment; a less daunting procedure over implants.


  • Will dentures alter my appearance and speech?

    Dentures are personalized oral appliances, so we make sure that they adhere well to and sometimes improve the current state of your mouth. In some cases, speaking becomes a learning curve until the patient gets used to the dentures.

  • How should I clean my dentures?

    Using a soft toothbrush and a proper denture cleaner, you can easily maintain the dentures by brushing them entirely. When they’re taken off at night, soak them in water and/or the cleaner.

  • Will it cause soreness?

    Initially, it is normal to experience soreness upon first fitting. When this happens, consult and advise your dentist immediately to have it fixed for a more comfortable fit.

  • How do I use adhesives?

    It is advisable to use no more than 3-4 pea-sized amount of adhesives on your denture, keeping it from adhering too much, making the removal difficult.

  • How regularly do I visit my dentist, now that I have dentures?

    Make sure to pay your dentist a visit at least every six months to a year, ensuring that your dentures are in the proper state and still intact and checked for any signs of wear and tear.