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  • Reshape your smile.

    Everything will look natural after the procedure. Show those gums!

  • Gummy-free.

    Forget the old look of your gums.

  • Regain your self confidence.

    Work on getting back what you lost because of those gum issues.

  • Be camera-friendly.

    There is no need to avoid photo ops. Smile all the way!

  • Say goodbye to gum diseases.

    Before anything else, it’s all about gum care and prevention of diseases.


Removal of gum tissues. Gingivectomy is the process used to address gaps/pockets formed between teeth and gums and if there too many gum tissues for the teeth.

Duration varies. Gingivectomy may take a few minutes to more than an hour. It depends on the amount of tissues to be worked on.

Treat gum diseases and more. Originally, gingivectomy is used to treat gum diseases but nowadays, this procedure is used as cosmetic surgery.


Reshaping of gums. Gingivoplasty is more commonly used to make gums look more natural.

Fast procedure. Gingivoplasty is usually done in a couple of minutes.

Cosmetic Surgery. Gingivoplasty is mainly used as cosmetic surgery.


  • What is gingivoplasty?

    Gingivoplasty is a Cosmetic Surgery that is done to make gums look better. This surgery reshapes the gum to make it look more natural.

  • Is getting a gingivoplasty painful?

    Gingivoplasty is surgical in nature. A local anaesthesia is used to make the patient’s gum feel numb during the procedure.

  • How can one prepare for the procedure?

    Before anything else, the oral hygiene of the patient will be discussed. Additional information will be given to prepare the patient properly – the procedure will be discussed. Thorough cleaning is needed before the actual process.

  • How long does the procedure take?

    It usually takes a couple of minutes only but the actual duration depends on the amount of gums to be worked on.

  • What is it for?

    To have more natural looking gums, gingivoplasty is the procedure needed because it reshapes the gums. It is used to correct and treat gums for cosmetic purposes.