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Tooth Filling


  • You get back what you once had.

    Your teeth will function just like before.

  • Say goodbye to damage.

    Damage will be a part of the past now.

  • Take back what time has taken from you.

    It’s like going back to the past but living in the present with a restored set of healthy teeth.

  • Look natural.

    There’s nothing to worry how it would look like. It looks like the rest of teeth.

  • If you can repair it, then why not now?

    With a professional’s careful checkup of your teeth, you can bring back in no time what you once had with the best options available.

Tooth Fillings

Fillers. Tooth Fillings act as fillers to affected tooth/teeth and can either be a silver amalgam or tooth-colored.

Restore the integrity and strength of tooth/teeth. Tooth fillings are made to bring back adequate function of the tooth/teeth. It protects the remaining tooth structure from damage.

Replaceable and with specific timeframe. This is not a permanent solution. There will be times when a patient needs to see a dentist again for re-treatment and to replace the tooth fillings.

Onlays / Inlays

Dental Prosthetics. Inlays/onlays are usually made of porcelain, gold, ceramics or a type of composite resin that are applied only to the damaged tooth/teeth.

Restore tooth/teeth functionality and natural shape. With inlays and onlays, there is a continuity with the rest of the teeth. A patient can go back to heavy chewing and pressure without worries.

Stronger protection and durable. A patient’s tooth is more protected with inlays/onlays. It usually last longer with proper care.


  • What are tooth fillings?

    Tooth fillings are used to restore a damaged tooth/teeth to its normal functionality and shape. The materials used for tooth fillings are gold, porcelain, composite resin or amalgam. This is great for small to medium sized cavities.

  • What are inlays?

    Inlays restore larger cavities that tooth fillings can’t accommodate. It repairs the chewing surface of the tooth.

  • What are onlays?

    Onlays are for more extensive cavities not covered by inlays. It repairs a cavity in the central part of the chewing center.

  • Does it hurt to have these treatments?

    Just like the rest of the procedures, tooth fillings, inlays and onlays are not painful due to the numbness from a local anaesthesia. There might be some discomfort and sensitivity after.

  • What is the best option for teeth repair?

    While tooth fillings are commonly used, inlays and onlays are more durable and last longer but it cost more too. It would be better to consult a professional to discuss the best option for you.