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  • Reveal that smile.

    There’s hope for your worn down, chipped, or mildly broken teeth!

  • Teeth at their best.

    Gaps, twists, misalignments, and unevenness—just the things that veneers can fix.

  • Enjoy your tea and coffee.

    The material resists stains so your pearly whites stay sparkly 24/7.

  • Show it off right away.

    There’s zero recovery time after application. Walk out of the clinic and show off that smile.

  • Just like normal teeth.

    Veneers are highly customizable to complement the rest of your teeth, which also means you’re qualified to undergo other treatments.


Restorative. Significant color and shape changes will be done for severely broken or decayed teeth.

Transformative. Most of your broken tooth’s structure will be reduced, which allows for an extensive transformation.

Durable. Crowns can take more force; perfect for those with the tendency to clench and grind.


Complementary. Apt for those wanting minor changes to their teeth. Veneers produce minor color and shape changes.

Less invasive. Requires only minimal (1mm) or zero reduction of the tooth’s structure.

Strong. Functions like normal teeth and may allow relatively light and passive force and pressure when chewing.


  • Am I required to have my entire teeth veneered?

    You’re free to choose which teeth you only want veneered. All the healthy ones can be left as is.

  • Are veneers easy to maintain?

    Take care of those restored pearly whites just like you would your normal teeth, as long as you’re practicing good hygiene.

  • How long do veneers last?

    They can last between seven to twenty years, but endure longer with proper and thorough care.

  • What if they break?

    Accidents happen, but your dentist will be more than happy to be immediately visited for fixing or replacing your veneer.

  • What’s the process like?

    It’s easy and you’ll be done in as little as a week. We first evaluate the state of your teeth and identify which ones are qualified for veneering. Then, for preparation, a small millimeter of enamel will be removed then proceed to getting your teeth’s impression. You may receive temporary veneers as our laboratory manufactures your permanent ones. Once it’s ready, your veneers will be bonded with a special cement and you can confidently step out of the clinic with a new, brilliant smile.