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Wisdom Tooth Removal


  • Dentists are your tooth fairy.

    Let the experts tell you about your wisdom tooth and how it will affect you.

  • Stop holding on.

    Pain is not something you should keep.

  • Growing up is not always a good thing.

    Letting your wisdom tooth grow won’t do anything good.

  • Less is more.

    Less crowded set of teeth is always better and healthy.

  • Prevent future tooth decays and gum diseases.

    Don’t be prone to oral-related diseases.

Letting It Grow

If it doesn’t hurt, let it grow. Not all wisdom tooth hurts and you can let it grow for a time but it has a lot of consequences that might affect your oral health.

Properly aligned. Wisdom tooth may grow properly aligned and fully erupted. Overcrowding may not be an issue too.

It comes with age. As we age, the bones in the mouth get harder. It makes the teeth tougher to remove.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

If it hurts, let it go. If it hurts, it is impacted. It must be removed immediately.

Misaligned. Wisdom tooth usually are misaligned and may cause overcrowding.

Age is just a number. Do not wait before the surgery gets more complicated because of your age.  There are more complications after the surgery once you let the wisdom tooth grow for a long time.


  • What is a wisdom tooth?

    A wisdom tooth belongs to the third and final set of molars that comes out usually between the late teens to early twenties stage. An adult can have 4 wisdom teeth but for some, it can be less or more.

  • Why does the wisdom tooth hurt?

    A wisdom tooth is considered “extra” therefore leads to overcrowding and other teeth might be affected. At times, it may become impacted which results to pain and discomfort.

  • Is the wisdom tooth extraction painful?

    Pain and swelling are likely to happen after the wisdom tooth removal. Bleeding might occur too. But the actual procedure will be pain free because you will feel numb.

  • How will you know if your wisdom tooth is coming out?

    If there is pain or discomfort in your gum or jaw, look closely. Normally, a wisdom tooth is coming in if there is a feeling of pressure, pain, and irritation. Also, if a tooth is coming in and rubbing against the cheek, tongue or bottom of the mouth, it is most likely a wisdom tooth.

  • When is the right time for a wisdom tooth removal?

    There is no right time because it varies for each patient. After an oral examination and an x-ray, the dentist can tell if a patient needs it ASAP especially if it is impacted.